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This thread is made specially for those who enter this forum directly from CommunityTSC, Find-a-Drug, Folding@Home, Rosetta@Home etc. pages or starting from there.

This is official forum of unofficial Russian team :D for Folding@Home & Rosetta@Home projects and you are always welcome here. :hi:

Currently we don't have any English page for those who don't know Russian.

Here you can tell us anything you want except VERY BAD WORDS, of course! :wink:

Последний раз редактировалось Hil 19.05.2008 19:26, всего редактировалось 4 раз(а).


Hello Everybody, Plum Ugly here.
Blackbird ,I am puzzled about 'stepanovich' and blackXPC. We have no blackxpc listed on the team that I could find on the team list.
I did see a stepanovich listed in second place on your team.Could it be somebody from the Team Russia or somewhere else.
I must admit I do not watch the stats much,I crunch as much as I can and leave it at that. I check 2 times a day on uploads.
Great job TSC!Russia !!


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Plum Ugly
Hi! glad to see you here.
stepanovich can be only from your team because XPC has lost 15+mln points, and we gained them with stepanovich.
BlackXPC is me. I haven't transferred to your team yet , but if sutiation remains the same, i will transfer to XPC instead of stepanovich :)
My attitude still remain the same as i posted in XPC forum - unfair play.
Other members of XPC! may disagree with me, but i think this is unfair.
yours, bb.


Yes,i think we got it straigthend out. Chance of to much vodka to drink. Sooooo onward with the race!!! Ha,ha,ha Joker is about 1 million points ahead of me now. Congrats to Joker!!! I soon will have a monster up and running to give him better challange.


Hello TSC ! Hello Blackbird.

I am sorry I did not know before that you had an English thread, if so I would have visited you earlier. The Great Stepanovich Mystery seems to be solved and I think he will resign from TSC and return to XPC tomorrow...

Since I have now found my way here, two more things: my congratulations to ALL in Team TPC! Russia on the way you are helping the FaD project. And my sympathies for the gas explosion disaster in Archangel which I saw on Swedish television this afternoon.




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Twinkletoes , thank you for your sympathies and thanks for posting here. We want to see XPC members more often here - only 3 have posted here ;)


Hello all from 'the other side' :)

Thought I'd pop over and make that 4!


Большая работа при продвижении столь быстро.

Имейте добрый вечер

This surely didn't make sense...online translator thingie


Hi TSC!Russia!! And thanks for the heads up, Blackbird. :)

Nice of you to have an English thread for those of us who don't speak or read/write Russian.

I just wanna say how great it is that we can all do something together for the benefit of all peoples af all countries. Crucnhing for cures is a great way to show your willingness to help all humankind!!

Mickwish from XPC


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Bettabuy Стараемся. :)
We are trying to keep up the good work and never give up.

Mickwish Thanks! :hi:

Кто не рискует, тот не живёт


Greeting TSC from the UK :D

Thought I would pop over here and say a big hi


Hello, didn't know you guys had an English thread, sorry..

Congratulations on bringing many more members to the project, we look forward to the challenge and With any luck will give you a good run for your money :)

Cheers guys.


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Thank you that have noticed our modest contribution...

2 XPC :beer:
200 million! congratulate! Such borders are not conquered one,nothing does not do.
Good work!
But be not weakenned! We already close.

"Правды" нет, "Россию" продали, есть "Труд" за 2 копейки...


Hullo TSC !

If any of you see the woman in this report from the BBC - she is running through Russia to get money for children in Kitezh, and she is not far from Moscow now - please give her my regards.




Whoa... In comparison to her devotion, our fad/tsc addiction looks like kids play


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Регистрация: 24.11.2002
Откуда: New Mexico, USA
Фото: 18
In comparison to her devotion
Whom are you talking about? :?:

Кто не рискует, тот не живёт




She left Moscow on 2 April:



Congratulations Joker! on making#1 and hitting 30 million mark!! A little late ,could not find link to page.


Greetings to TSC! Russia! I finally figured out how to register here. I am slow in language, but fast in system MHz. :)

Just wanted to pop in and say hello from XPC.



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Zippy :hi: hi, are always pleased to see here members from XPC

● Guerra omnium contra omnes ●
● RuDiablo ● 3.3GHz Core 2 Duo power in Rosetta@home

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