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В случае проблем с отображением форума, отключите блокировщик рекламы
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This thread is made specially for those who enter this forum directly from CommunityTSC, Find-a-Drug, Folding@Home, Rosetta@Home etc. pages or starting from there.

This is official forum of unofficial Russian team :D for Folding@Home & Rosetta@Home projects and you are always welcome here. :hi:

Currently we don't have any English page for those who don't know Russian.

Here you can tell us anything you want except VERY BAD WORDS, of course! :wink:

Последний раз редактировалось Hil 19.05.2008 19:26, всего редактировалось 4 раз(а).


I'm sure you all have seen the controversy about points. I believe there are several fundamental problems with the current implementation of the points system.

It has been strongly suggested by many (not just Lauren and not just XPC) that TSC (and perhaps others) may be artificially inflating the TSC statistics through manipulation the FaD client running in VMware on Linux or some such. This goes right to the heart of fair play. I know of only 1 way to get more FaD work done ... faster computers. Inflating statistics serves no purpose other than to make anything gained a very hollow victory.

I see the stats and I see that the numbers are NOT reasonable for many of the members of TSC. If one looks at the aggregate of time, points, molecules, etc., one finds some incredibly powerful computers crunching that haven't yet made it off the wish list of AMD or Intel design engineers.

This isn't rocket science.

For myself, finding the cures is the target. It disgusts and sickens me that others are exploiting the client merely for inflating points. In fact, I am ready to quit Team XPC so you can have the Vaunted #1 spot just so you can quit and go exploit other clients and gain #1 status there too. I will try to persuade others on the tame think I can sway a couple of other top folks on Team XPC to do exactly that ... make the victory very hollow indeed.

Such activity is taking credit for not doing the work. Do the work and you can beat your chests honestly. Personally, I call it cheating.

Apparently, the technique to inflate FaD points is documented right here in these forums.


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For myself, finding the cures is the target
We too.
We found out (first at the FaD forum) jobs running under linux are computing faster (get shorter time for the same job).- on Intel processor only. Raising rating is adequate or not is a question. We ask Keith but he don't know now the answer.

ps Read this post http://forums.overclockers.ru/viewtopic ... 623#589623

Sorry for terrible english

В поиске включайте "Искать все слова". Избегайте многоточий.
Зачем нужен разгон? http://tsc.overclockers.ru

Последний раз редактировалось armadillo 22.06.2004 19:03, всего редактировалось 1 раз.


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Mondobyte, it is pleased to greet you on our forum!

Please, forget the idea with quitting the Team!
All of us, who using Linux for FaD, waits answer from Keith about problem with ratings.

People, who usе wmware, certainly, do this for the sake of increase the rating of its computer. But this single events, majority using Linux have to start FaD in this operating system because it main system.

Believe, all we wait the corrections this exasperating mistake. It does not help our project - accordingly does not need for us.

ps please, do not think that for all participants "TSC! Russia" so important first place in project.
Certainly, there is and such desires, can absence such in its command? ;) But this not main! PURPOSE beside us one, and we remember about her while work our computers.

Best regards, RU_Dentist

Фотогалерея участников команды: www.liveinternet.ru/photo/tsc_russia


Hello fellow FAD crunchers at TSC.

Mondobyte does NOT speak for the XPC team. In fact, he has been told by the team captain to stop making so much trouble for the FAD leader, Keith Davies, and for the project.

Please accept my apologies if Mondobyte's post have offended you.

Again, I emphasize strongly that Mondobyte's views and what he says are not the views of the XPC team. I hope that the FAD project can correct any problems in the current software which allows differing points to be gained for the same amount of work. But illegal methods of altering the software are NOT to be tolerated at XPC, and I hope that all the members here agree with that.

The goal of the FAD project is to find better cures and treatments (medicine). That goal may be harmed if any members alter the software for their own purposes. I hope we can work together to prevent this form becoming a problem within this porject.

I hope my post can be translated appropriately for those here who cannot read English.

Thank You
Mickwish, from XPC


Greetings from XPC :D

My sincere apologies for the post by Mondo, his views are not the views of other XPC members.

It would appear that there is some form of inflated points scoring going on, there are a few members that are getting CPU ratings in excess of 500. I am happy to say though that it is no-one here.

As a forum of Overclockers, you no doubt run your computers to extreme speeds and as such your cpu ratings will be higher than the normal for a particular class of processor - There is nothing wrong with this. Mondo may have picked up on that, put two and two together and come up with 10. :)

I personally have gone through lists of thousands of jobs to get the average cpu ratings, and I am about 90% sure that there several FaD members that either have processors running that Intel and AMD would be very proud to have, or they are artificially inflating their CPU ratings. The points system is fundamentally wrong somewhere that much is true, Keith himself has admitted that there is a much higher variation between jobs than he would have believed, and he is working on a solution.

No-one from XPC is pointing the finger at anyone here, many of your members frequently visit the XPC forums and are most welcome as are any of you, we have recently become good allies in this fight for cures, and I would not like to see our two teams fighting over such a trivial thing as points. I am in it for a cure as I'm sure you all are.

My best wishes to you all, and keep up the great work you are doing :)



(Please do not do this every month !!!???)

And thank you Blackbird for your honest sensible and well-balanced posts at FaD and XPC in the past few weeks. You are a very good ambassador for Team TSC !

We hope that everybody who wants to practice English will visit the XPC boards. Do not be afraid - we do not bite. And we have the same goal.


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(Please do not do this every month !!!???)

Hmmm... May be once again... Or twice :) After you receive back 14 mil points.
Anyway, thanks! It's a fine race :)

Violator aka aZeon



We have just started a new thread on the XPC boards. It is called "Courtesy Thread for FaD Crunchers from TSC Russia".

Here is the link: http://www.xtremepccentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12959.

So if you want to chat, joke, discuss technical things, or JUST PRACTICE YOUR ENGLISH, please come by and post.

I hope one of your colleagues can explain to you in Russian how you log in to make a post.


I, too, hope some of you will come over to XPC and post in our forum.

And I hope you can post without many problems. Like I can post here, even though I speak and read no Russian at all!



Mondo Included me in his post AND THAT WAS NOT RIGHT OF HIM I am ONLY pointing balme on the FAD benchmark NOT at any team or member of FAD I to have at times have recived more points then the norm . AGAIN I say This is not about cheating it is ONLY about a faulty benchmark that needs to be fixed


Gentlemen (are you sure you are not trying to hide any lady crunchers from us ?),

Serious mode

For your information, three days ago the XPC team captain (Wizzard-of-Ozz) asked Mondobyte to leave the XPC FaD team. Mondobyte has now started his own team at FaD. (I am not going to give him free advertising by saying the name of his team !!!)

I know that the very rude and most insulting post made to you by Mondobyte on 22/6 above contributed in a big way to our team captain's decision.

We hope you will understand that the XPC FaD team can do nothing to stop Mondobyte posting here or on the FaD boards. I know that the posts he makes on the XPC boards are being very carefully watched by the XPC moderators. Most of the XPC moderators, including Mr XPC himself ("mntsnow") are happily also members of the XPC FaD team .

Our team captain has also told us that any future postings we make on this very unpleasant subject should be put "where they properly belong - on the FaD boards".

I hope giving you this information will help us get our relationship back to what it should be: mutual respect, admiration, and healthy competition in the name of what we are all working for.

(Sorry that was too many words !)



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Mickwish, Twinkletoes Thank you for your good will to us. It is not good to be treated as cheater, especially if you are not the one. Also, that was the way to cause more hate and misunderstanding between us (I don't know if the word correct.. :().

TSC! Russia - присоединяйтесь!


Добрый вечер российские Друзья!

Хил, пожалуйста быть уверен, что никто от Команды КСПК не полагает, что наши товарищи из России ТСК обманывают!

К сожалению, сердитые люди как Мондо вызывают неприятность к многим!

Я надеюсь видеть, что Вы наслаждаетесь Форумом КСПК!

Прием снова!



Я надеюсь, что вышеупомянутый пост имел смысл, я использую универсального переводчика от английского языка до русского!



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Откуда: TSC! | Москва
Коубойбутер It's almost close to correct Russian. Though the grammar is not fine, I can understand everything (this is most important, I suppose!).

TSC! Russia - присоединяйтесь!


Thank you for the feedback, Hil!




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Cowboybooter : Hi! I'm in team almost since the same beginning. But the most PC's power I pick out to our first project: TSC. It's only presentation. Also, thanx for posting here, it is always nice to read rival's opinion.
I would like to express that if you could read these automatic translations it would provoke a smile of affection (?? question mark means that I don't know well if this word is used well here, so maybe you feels the same sence). from the one side it is because you try to make it better for us, and at the same time it translates a little bit funny. So, what for all these... I'm affected and in good mood.
Thanx alot!
PS. Good hunting
Have a nice day

Ещё не придумал...


Test Post...;)


Test Post! Gee, this is different...;)


A belated congratualations to our allies in the FaD project. You are worthy of being the NUMBER ONE team!

( Don't slow down! ) :)


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